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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our day at the beach

Although the worst of the summer heat has thankfully passed, we were still keen for a break and so on Saturday packed up the dogs for a day-trip to the Southern Coast, about 2 hours' drive away.

We always go to Tomakin Beach, which is a great off-leash public beach that has sand-dunes to protect the dogs from the main road, a beautiful stretch of regular beach and a lovely inlet area that tends to be more like a wading pool than a beach. Its always a great day, and one of the nicest things about it is that we're always close enough to pack up at the end of the day and sleep in our own beds at night!

Our Day at the Beach in Pictures:

Before we went swimming we had a picnic lunch at the overlook area adjacent to the carpark. The views from here are lovely, and it would have been worth the trip just for the picnic!  Rory blew up a big, huge float that he bought on sale at KMart for $ ended up being a ton of fun to play with in the waves.  It looked a lot like this one, except possibly not quite as fancy:

After our picnic, we headed down to claim our spot at the beach (see the floatie in the background):

Within seconds of sitting down, Alfie had begun to dig his hole in the sand, which he does every time we go to the beach.  He's not so much a fan of the water and can't quite figure out the waves, but he LOVES the sand.


Harry is pretty much indifferent to being at the beach, and treats the experience in much the same way as he treats every other thing that happens in his life-- as an opportunity to be on somebody's lap.  

Lilly, though, really seemed to love the beach and the water, which surpised me because she really didn't seem to like it last time we went.  In fact, we almost didn't take her but decided she'd bark all day if left alone at home.  We even had a swimming lesson, which she actually seemed to enjoy!

After the swim lesson, with Harry in front trying to 
steal the attention, as usual! 
After we'd swam, read and gotten suitably sun-burned we decided to take a walk to the far end of the beach to the inlet.  

This is the inlet, but it is not my picture.  It was shamelessly stolen
from elsewhere on the internet.

And then, after a fabulous day, we arrived back home, tired and a bit pink, but having had a ton of fun. 

The problem with white dogs is they get just as sunburned as you do!!

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