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Monday, February 1, 2010

Coming Soon to a Country Near You (unless you live in Australia)

Good news everybody!

A proposal I wrote has been accepted for presentation at a conference in Monterrey, Mexico (the 6th Global International Internship Conference, which, if you're particularly bored and have run out of paint to watch dry, you can read about here).  I'll be presenting a paper on the 'Centrally-based Organization and Management of  Internships with Established International Organizations'.  Which, as a matter of contention, presents a problem as I can't be relied upon to remember the title on a consistant basis.  I had something nice and succinct, but my boss is one for diarrhea of the mouth so it got changed.  I thought surely it was going to bomb with a title like that, but, alas, somebody must have liked it.

Which means, in April, I'll be in the Northern Hemisphere.  Not just in the Northern Hemisphere, but only a short plane ride away from Houston!

My boss has kindly allowed me to fly up a bit early so that I'll have the weekend before the conference to spend in Houston, and has also suggested that I try to arrange some visits to Texan Career Centres so that I can spend the week after the conference at home as well.  So, its looking like I'll be home just after Easter.  Save me some Easter Eggs!

I can't wait to see everybody, and I'll be brushing up on my Spanish with the Rosetta Stone thing Dad lent us!

See you soon!

***On another note entirely, Rory and I are going to be a part of the studio audience for Q&A next Monday, on their 'Kevin Rudd Special Edition'.  The audience gets to ask the special guest (in this case, K Rudd) questions, and I'm thinking I might ask him why he hasn't repealed the law that requires Greyhounds to wear muzzles in public places.  You know-- the hard hitting issues in my life.  (Not that my dogs wear or even own muzzles-- we don't follow that law, Gandhi Civil Disobedience style)***



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